Burst User-Generated TV™

Create entire shows from user-generated video and effectively compete in the new TV universe

Lower Production Costs While Enhancing Viewer Engagement

Navigate The New TV Universe

By dramatically lowering production costs and reducing production time while enhancing viewer engagement, we are creating mobile video solutions that help content-creating organizations navigate the new TV universe, with it's unlimited viewing options but few opportunities to drive maximum monetization of your own content. 

Fresh, Engaging Content

BUGTV is a fully packaged solution that combines the foundational technology of Burst on TV and the API set from Burst for OTT with our professional production, curation and branding services, delivering programming that is fully rights controlled and readily monetized. As a result, BUGTV provides a new solution for building strong, sustainable revenue streams from fresh content that engages more deeply than traditional video. 

User-Generated TV

Burst User-Generated TV builds on our technology platform, utilizing proprietary video search algorithms to find compelling content and stage it for insertion into new “TV” shows for broadcast or OTT applications. With BUGTV, you can create entire shows from user-generated video and integrate it with linear content at a fraction of the cost and time required for traditional productions.  

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