Burst on TV™

The only platform to allow content producers to get video from any mobile device onto live broadcasts, OTT, digital networks or social media channels instantly.

Mobile Video to Broadcast & Digital, Instantly

Do you want fresh, compelling, and rights-cleared content?

Burst on TV enables journalists, consumers, celebrities to get their video into live media streams seamlessly.

For media companies, live event venues, brands and marketers, this means fresh and compelling content that is rights-controlled and readily monetized with no workflow disruption.

Burst is the only solution that give you complete control of your content and a weapon against social media cannibalization enabling you to drive new sources of revenue from owned content.


Trying to reduce production costs and find new revenue streams?

Production companies, media companies and brands have a serious need for reducing costs and finding new revenue streams, but unfortunately that is not possible with the state of “Live” tools available today.

Only Burst delivers the ability to create, curate, control and monetize video content for delivery across the spectrum of broadcast, digital and OTT applications brands desperately need today, instantly, and cost-effectively.


Need to easily integrate with a wide variety of platforms?

The Burst On TV platform enables you to use mobile video as an integral part of your application seamlessly, and instantly. Our open and easy to implement platform allows seamless integration with a wide variety of technology, production and digital solutions, including many offerings from technology and application partners like Avid, Adobe, EVS, NewTek, Evertz, Grass Valley and Ross, social media partners like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as OTT application developers, branding agencies and production houses.


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