Burst for OTT

Maximize the engagement value of OTT by allowing your viewers the ability to contribute to the video content they consume

Make Your OTT Applications More Engaging

Unlock The Promise of OTT

With our Burst for OTT solution, you can maximize the engagement value of OTT by allowing viewers the ability to contribute to -- not just consume – video content. By leveraging the power of Burst for OTT you can extract maximum value from your video content, engaging your audience as participants while reducing production costs, allowing you to deliver a TV experience unlike any that has come before, 

Seamless Integration, Simplified Workflow

Burst for OTT is comprised of a set of APIs that you can use to integrate mobile video into OTT applications making them more engaging and participatory. OTT apps with a higher level of engagement create a far better viewing experience which drives downloads and helps build your inventory of fresh, compelling content. Our API set makes for simplified workflows so that all of the benefits of BOTT are available with minimal ramp-up or disruption to existing production processes.  

Crowdsource Your Content

By giving your viewers the ability to generate compelling video content, you can make content more appealing to viewers and sponsors, while producing it at minimal costs. As a result, you can deliver an experience unlike any that has come before, Burst allows you to dramatically lower production costs and reducing production time while enhancing viewer engagement, helping content-creating organizations navigate the new TV universe in which there are unlimited viewing options but few opportunities to drive maximum monetization of their own content.  

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