C-Suite Executives

Do you need a catalyst to open new markets, industries and revenue streams? Burst will show you how mobile video can open new worlds.

Mobile Video to Broadcast & Digital, Instantly.

Worried about new streams of revenue?

The landscape of Broadcast and Digital is changing rapidly and the two are converging. How should you create a compelling experience on OTT that engages beyond binge watching? How will you transition to old, antiquated broadcast monetization to modern monetization? How should you target and maximize Millennial's? These are things we're hearing from executives like you everyday and guiding forces for our product roadmap. Whether it's the Burst Real-Time Commercial, Burst on TV or Burst for OTT, Burst drives new streams of revenue. 

Concerned about Social Media Cannibalism?

Social Media Cannibalism is real, it's happening before our eyes and we're letting it happen. Burst is your answer. As an executive, are you concerned that you're beholden to social networks for traffic and engagement? Are you worried the social networks can change the rules on you at any moment and the promise of future revenue will disappear? Do you lose sleep about social networks building a brand on the back of your content and someday becoming broadcasters or publishers? Burst levels the playing field for you, the media executive and arms you with the data and tools to better target, monetize and engage your audience. 

Anxious to target cord cutters and not lose live audiences?

Cord cutting is happening. How do you target that audience and engage them beyond transient binge watching? How do you integrate mobile video so that audience returns and consumes more shows, more episodes, more related content? At the same time, how do you retain and engage your live audience with compelling content? What if you didn't have to choose? What if you could do both? Burst enables you to engage and monetize your audience on Broadcast, Digital and OTT simultaneously maximizing your investment. Mobile Video is the New TV! 

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