Digital Strategists

Do you have concerns with needing to build a broad audience via the social networks, but still want to drive audience (and revenue) to your branded platform?
Burst can help you achieve the best of both worlds.

Mobile Video to Broadcast & Digital, Instantly!

How do I make money with UGC?

Digital Strategists like you ask us all the time how they make money with UGC. Now that we all have HD cameras in our pockets, gone are the days of underwhelming UGC campaigns isolated to social use cases. Burst is unique in that we can get compelling mobile video from the phone, to the cloud and out to your Broadcast, Digital and OTT use cases, Instantly. That allows you to monetize that content on broadcast, apply digital advertising or drive new monetization and sponsorship opportunities on OTT. The instant integration into all of these environments instantly maximizes ROI. 

How do I make sure mobile video is compelling?

Digital strategy isn't just about monetization, it's about compelling content and we know this because you tell us! Burst has spent a great deal of time on ensuring compelling content automatically bubbles to the top so that content can immediately impact your Broadcast, Digital Experiences and OTT applications. In addition to smart platform technologies to automate to curation of compelling content, Burst has a Customer Success team that helps media companies with this everyday. 

Live Video & Virtual Reality (VR) are hot! Why should UGC be core to my strategy?

A better question might be: "How can you afford not to?" Social Networks are useful pipes for content, but they shouldn't be hubs. Compelling UGC is being created everyday and distributed to social networks without enabling you, the media company, to control how that content is monetized. Further, the valuable creation and consumption data used to target advertisements and content recommendations is left in the hands of the social network that is building a brand on the back of your content. Social Networks are becoming media companies before our eyes. Someday, they will change the rules to the game. Don't be left behind when they do. Own that data! 

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