Burst For Sports

Burst delivers the only solution for capturing, managing and monetizing mobile video content across the sports media spectrum.

Mobile Video to Broadcast & Digital Instantly

Producer & Editors

An Integrated Mobile Video content solution for fans and reporters that integrates into live broadcasts quickly and without disrupting your existing workflow. 

Innovation Leaders

Make your fans famous! Facilitate the creation and monetization of compelling first-person video experiences for broadcast and digital that lets you reach a larger, innovation-starved audience.  

Digital Strategists

Create new video inventory, more monetization opportunities and higher engagement...three goals Digital Strategists like you must meet today.  

Technology Leaders

You’ve only dreamed of adding to your broadcast and digital video capabilities without additional integration steps...with Burst, that dream is now a reality.  

Ad Sales Leaders

Burst makes ad sales dreams come true. In broadcast, UGC video engages better than virtually any other content. In digital, video monetizes 5x better than editorial content. Burst delivers both! 

Social Media Experts

With Burst, you control the content, you control the inventory, you monetize the inventory and you determine how’s it’s distributed to social media platforms. 

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