Burst For Weather




AccuWeather, Collecting UGC and Publishing to Broadcast, Digital and Social

AccuWeather is currently using Burst to collect user-generated weather videos and photos. AccuWeather is then using this content across broadcast, digital, and social. Both for breaking weather and other creative promotions/general content collection.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel, Crowdsourcing Content, Engaging Fans, and Broadcasting to TV

With Burst, the Weather Channel enables its millions of viewers to provide up-to-the-minute perspectives on major weather events as they happen. Viewers upload videos and Burst integrates that user-generated content into the production workflow so they can be ready for broadcast within minutes.

“I think that citizen journalism will become a bigger part of news. I really like Burst as a next generation video journalism tool…”
— David Kenny, Chairman & CEO of The Weather Company, in Forbes


Sinclair, Directly Integrating Into Broadcast Workflows

Sinclair works with Burst to collect content from their reporters, camera crews, station employees. Sinclair also uses Burst to collect UGC from viewers/audiences to promote on broadcast, digital, social and on-site during events. Sinclair drives engagement with viewers/audiences to directly integrate into their broadcast workflows.


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