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Fans, Reporters, Celebrities, Athletes, Editors & Citizen Reporters: Create, Curate & Distribute Mobile Video.

Mobile to broadcast TV Instantly

Burst delivers mobile videos from Fans, Reporters, Celebrities, Athletes, Editors & Citizen Reporters into your broadcast workflows within minutes. We integrate into all leading broadcast systems. 

UGC without an app download

Burst allows you to crowdsource User-generated content (UGC) from Fans, Reporters, Celebrities, Athletes, Editors & Citizen Reporters without any apps to download. Simple, customizable workflows take the friction out of submitting fan videos. 

Intelligent curation platform

Sorting through thousands of your users' videos is difficult. Burst makes it easy with a suite of content analysis tools and automated workflows to find the right clip the moment you need it. 

Simplified rights management

Securing media rights from your users can be complicated and time-consuming. Burst simplifies legally compliant content acquisition with frictionless, customizable workflows. 

Easy to use, cloud-based CMS

Burst simplifies content management with an easy-to-use cloud-based content management system (CMS) which allows you to scale from thousands to millions of videos. 

Meaningful analytics

You want to learn more about your audience and what drives their behavior. With Burst's advanced analytics, you get a richer understanding of who your audience is and what they care about. 


Engaging fans, athletes, journalists and citizen journalists. Sourcing UGC. Breaking stories first.

Enhance a live TV broadcast with fan and citizen journalism videos

The next evolution of interactive TV is about incorporating fan videos into live broadcasts in near real-time. Burst is the only platform which makes that possible with our proprietary combination of flexible front-end technologies for uploads, integration with broadcast systems, and rights management solutions to ensure you control the content from your community.

See how NESN uses Burst

Deploy ultra lightweight mobile production teams

Reduce the costs of gathering news and covering an event with Burst. By enabling reporters, street teams or your audience members to upload videos to Burst, you can expand your coverage from a five camera shoot with expensive video crews to unlimited perspectives from an army of smartphones.

See how Fox Sports uses Burst

Increase speed and lower the cost of breaking news

Burst helps news organizations break stories faster by turning every smartphone into a news gathering tool. Every employee or citizen journalist can capture the news when it happens, upload to Burst's cloud-based servers and auto-publish it to the Web. It is broadcast-ready within minutes.

See how The Weather Channel uses Burst

Enhance events with crowdsourced mobile video

Burst enables event marketers and production teams to crowdsource video perspectives from fans and street teams and make them available for the Web and broadcast TV in near real-time.

See how VH1 uses Burst

Highlight fan videos in venue

Crowdsource authentic fan reactions and insider perspectives at a sporting event as they happen in real time. Within minutes, Burst can make videos taken by fans in the stadium available to be shown on the big screen scoreboards or in-venue video walls. With Burst, an in-venue production team can expand its capabilities by leveraging the thousands of smartphones at the event.

Strategically crowdsource content

Entertainers, artists and producers who want to increase engagement with their loyal fans use Burst to crowdsource videos and photos.

See examples from Radio Disney and Legendary Pictures

Build UGC-centric marketing campaigns

Burst helps brands engage their customers with contests and promotions featuring their fans' uploaded videos. Source videos for a Real-Time Commercial where your fans can be featured during a live televised broadcast.

Generate New Revenue Sources

With Burst you will now be able to monetize your content in new and unique ways. Acquire new video inventory, own the rights to the library and monetize it via 100% new sponsor opportunities.